Friday, July 8, 2011

The Answers

So I got a few comments, but no one daring enough to throw out answers to the trivia questions I shared on Wednesday. Don't worry, I understand. I occasionally know an answer at trivia, but rarely voice it myself. I just wait for someone else to come up with it (which they inevitably do since there's yet to be an answer that I know that someone else on the team doesn't also know) and agree that it's correct. It's the safe way to go. Daring or not, I figured you still wanted to know the answers, so here you go:

Q: (Category - TV) What 1980s sitcom, airing on NBC for eight seasons, moved the network from 3rd to 1st in the Nielson ratings?

A: The Cosby Show

Q: (Category - Greek Mythology) Pegasus, the winged horse, was created from the blood of what mortal? Hint: the mortal is one of the Gorgons.

A: Medusa

Q: (Category - Games) What is it called in darts when a player hits a single, double and triple of the same number?

A: Shanghai

Q: (Category - TV) In the show Family Matters, what kind of car did Steve Urkel drive?

A: BMW Isetta

Q: (Category - Food & Beverage) What edible bud is traditionally found in Mediterranean cooking and is often used for people suffering from upset stomach or intestinal ailments?

A: Capers

Q: (Category - History) What California city was the final stop for the last ride of the Pony Express?

A: Sacramento

Q: (Category - Ads & Slogans) Hershey's chocolate often said, "Stir up a..." what?

A: Smile

Q: (Category - Famous Inventions) What time keeping device, invented in 1948 and considered the most accurate, runs on the vibrations of Cesium?

A: Atomic Clock

Q: (Category - Astronomy) On March 18, 2011 the Spaceship Messenger became the first spaceship to enter orbit around what planet?

A: Mercury

Q: (Category - Science) What belt, held in place by the earth's magnetic field, is a source of damaging radiation to satellites?

A: Van Allen

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marie said...

Yeah....I didn't know any of those. Guess my babysitting job will be a permanent one!

: )

Jo said...

Thanks for sharing the answers. Even though I was guessing, in my head, I still got every single one wrong, hahaha.

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