Monday, August 15, 2011

This Week's Menu {8/15} + Quilting

At the time this post goes live six members of my family (my parents, my sister, Mark, Charlotte and I) will be prepping for an 11 hour road trip back home. On Friday we did the same road trip in the reverse direction, in order to get to a wedding reception for my cousin. Our trip to Michigan went very smoothly, perhaps due in part to the fact that we left during the wee hours of the morning and Charlotte slept for half the ride. The return journey won't begin until about 9am though, so Charlotte will probably be awake for the entire ride. We've got a boatload of toys and activities packed for her and have our fingers crossed that all goes well. We'll probably spend the first few days of this week recovering from our trip (and Charlotte and I are both recovering from strep throat and ear infections too), so the menu will be pretty basic. Who am I kidding? The menu is always pretty simplistic, but at least I have an excuse this week.

Monday - On the road
Tuesday - Spaghetti
Wednesday - ??? (whatever we grab while grocery shopping)
Thursday - Leftovers
Friday - Pork Chop Skillet
Saturday - Chicken Tacos

Before we left for the trip I was working on my packing list when it occurred to me that my laptop, which was making the journey too, had no protection. It's new and I wanted to make sure that nothing happened to it along the way. So I lugged out the sewing machine and whipped up a laptop sleeve (it holds just the laptop, not the power cord or any other paraphernalia) using a modified version of this tutorial.

There was a teeny tiny bit of quilting involved, so I decided to mark "make a quilt" off my 30 Before Thirty list. I recognize that this is cheating, but it's my list and I'll cheat if I want to. Hehe. I don't know what I was thinking putting "make a quilt" on that list. While I love the look of the quilts, the process doesn't sound fun to me at all.

Are you a quilter? Or into sewing in general? I'm not really that into either, but I'm not afraid to bring out the sewing machine for a simple project.


marie said...

I think your "quilted" laptop sleeve is laptop would like a sleeve too!

I alos think anything your decide to sew turns out beautifully...if you decided to sew a quilt it would be beautiful too!

Jo said...

I'm sure it turned out wonderfully. I love the look of quilted things, but have never really looked to see what all is involved. Considering I don't have the patience for sewing, I think I wouldn't like the process either.

Yay for getting another thing checked off.

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