Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Crate Bookcase: Halloween-Ready

Amanda over at The Modern Marigold got me motivated last week when she put up a pin-did challenge. The goal is to get one task, inspired by Pinterest, accomplished and ready to be shared each week. The project can be big or small, but the goal is to stopping pinning and start doing!

I made this crate bookshelf a while back (it was inspired by Pinterest too) and decided after pinning tons and tons of Halloween decor ideas that it was high time I started decorating myself. Here's the start:

Sorry that the color is all kinds of off! With it getting darker earlier, I'm rarely home during daylight, so getting natural light photos is impossible. But you get the idea, right?

All I did was add a couple Halloween items to our regular mix. The glitter tree came from the Target dollar spot. The owl in a top hat (fabulous, right?!) was a Home Goods find and the spooky Mickey was from a previous Disney World trip. Oh, and the metal jack-o-lantern bucket was from Home Goods too. We'll be using it to pass out candy, but of course, couldn't fill it just yet. Not with a 3 year old around.

We've got some other Halloween decor going on too, from specifics pins I made. I'll be sure to snag some decent photos of those and share them in the weeks to come. Until then, what have you done to get geared up for Halloween?


marie said...

LOVE the bats! The spooky bookcase looks great too. I can't wait to see more.

Charlotte is a perfect child - she would NEVER take candy out of the metal jack-o-lantern!!

Toni said...

Great bookshelf! Looks so cute decorated for the holiday. I really like the wheels on the bottom, but I know it would go flying into a wall or another body with all the boys around here! Maybe when they are a little older!

Jo said...

Very cute decorations. I love the jack-o-lantern and the bats on the wall.

Kate said...

Visiting from Modern Marigold...I do love that bookshelf! The wheels are fabulous. I've got some old milk boxes that I've been wanting to transform for quite some time. Thanks for sharing!

amanda said...

ohhh my gosh that bookshelf is amazing!! I always see vintage crates at antiques stores but never get them because I don't know what I'd do with them, which is stupid, because there are so many amazing ideas like this floating around! props to you for decorating for halloween... I am seriously decorating impaired and haven't done a darned thing! maybe this is my year to change...

Victoria Paige @ Boutique Uniquely said...

Adorable little changes to make it festive for Halloween. Love the bookshelf too.

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