Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Pumpkin Picking

Charlotte has been getting really excited about Halloween. It's so neat to see because she really couldn't have cared less for her previous three Halloweens. But she's now at an age where she really understands how it works and can wait in anxious anticipation for something without thinking it'll happen tomorrow. It's been really fun to involve her in decorating our living room and to look at a costume book (even though we already picked up a costume after last Halloween). And it was especially delightful to take her shopping for pumpkins this past weekend.

We went to a local produce stand - one that we only discovered after moving, even though I haven't lived more than 10 minutes from it for the past 20+ years. The prices were great and Charlotte picked out six pumpkins. We got a big one for Mark, a medium one for me, a small one for Charlotte and three tiny ones for her nanny (my friend Christine), her husband and her little boy Oliver. Charlotte asks to get Oliver something almost everywhere we go. So sweet!

My dad was able to spare about an hour to join us on our trip. Charlotte loved riding in the car next to "Ampa" and showing him her picks. Even if she did try to ram him with the cart. Considering she could only move it a few inches (there was probably about 30 pounds of pumpkin in that cart) he didn't have much to worry about. Besides, I think he quite enjoyed their outing!


Jo said...

Very fun! I'm sure your dad enjoyed the outing a lot.

Melanie @ Mailbox Journey said...

great photos!

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