Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Lions, Lying & Attitude

We're nearing the end of the month and you know what that means. Time to share a few of the things Charlotte's done the past few weeks that are noteworthy. Here we go:

* I mentioned yesterday that Charlotte is infatuated with her cousin Elijah. She even told us the other day that she and Elijah are Oliver's parents and Mark and I are his grandparents.

* Charlotte generally sleeps in her room from 9pm until about 6am, at which points she wakes briefly and ends up sleeping in our bed until about 8am when she gets up for good. One morning, as I was waiting for my turn in the bathroom, Charlotte started roaring. I glanced her way and discovered she was asleep. And obviously dreaming about lions. Weird.

* We've had to have some lessons on lying lately. Mostly in relation to the contents of Charlotte's diaper. Fortunately, we've mostly switched to underwear during the day so the lessons have been fewer and fewer. Go Charlotte!

* Like some of the other kids on Mark's side of the family, Charlotte loves mirrors. She calls her reflection "Other Charlotte" (really creative, I know) and carries on entire conversations with her little friend. They compare hairstyles, clothes and silly faces.

* Charlotte was rolling up a piece of paper the other day and I asked her to stop. She responded by saying "Sometimes you can roll it even when your mother says not to." And so the attitude begins.

* Miss Thing has become quite the ham and often directs my picture taking. Here's my most recent favorite:


Jo said...

She's a hoot. I love it! Hopefully the attitude will be contained for a little while longer. She's so sweet, I couldn't picture her being mouthy. :-)

marie said...

Great look Miss Thing! I wonder what the "other Charlotte" looked like!

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