Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Barbie Sauce, Here Snipe and Superfast Buttons

The month almost got away from me before I got Charlotte anecdotes posted. That would have been a shame! So, for your reading pleasure...

* It's no secret that Charlotte looooves her cousin Elijah. A few weeks ago she wanted to talk to him on the phone and proceeded to blabber on and on for about 5 minutes straight. I'm not kidding when I say there was hand motioning and hair twirling involved. It's almost like she's a teenager.

* Like every kid in America, Chuckles loves chicken nuggets and french fries. Her preference is to eat them with grape jelly and barbie (BBQ) sauce respectively. The girl is known to use two grape jelly packets for a four piece nugget. Ick.

* Charlotte is getting more and more into her hair. She likes to wear it curly (down), in Abby Cadabby pigtails, or like "Picture Katie" (ponytail and headband).

* Mark and I took Charlotte to visit my Grandpa while he was in the hospital. At one point she very discretely said, "It smells different in here. Like a doctor's office." Quite the opposite of when my sister and I were kids and visited our great grandmother in a nursing home. Mandy very loudly proclaimed, "It stinks in here!"

* Charlotte has taken to repeating movie lines every now and then. On Saturday we watched Up, and while walking around in the backyard later I could hear her saying, "Here Snipe. Here, Snipey, Snipey, Snipey."

* Speaking of movies, our family plans to head to Walt Disney World in February and my parents and sister will be taking a side trip to the Harry Potter park over at Universal. Charlotte said she didn't want to go there because of the weird, white-faced guy (Voldemort). Note to self: don't allow your three year old to see snippets of movies that aren't age appropriate, because they remember everything.

* Mark and I get regular requests while driving to hit the superfast button. Charlotte loves to hear the roar of the engine. Not sure why. Luckily you don't actually have to be going superfast to get that noise every now and then.


Jo said...

I think a superfast button sounds awesome. Where can I purchase one of those? ;-) Also grape jelly on nuggets is a great idea too. You need to start patenting these ideas.

marie said...

I sure love these Charlotte anecdotes! Makes me smile everytime. Very cute photo too!

golonghorns said...

Hi Katie,
It's been a long time since I've peeked in on your blog. Was wondering if you know what the weather will be like the first week of Feb. in Florida? We are headed to Disney with the kids and will be surprising them. Hope you have a fun trip and Happy Holidays! Jennifer

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