Wednesday, November 30, 2011

So Much For That Plan

November didn't exactly go as planned. Heading into the month I had two to do lists that I was managing: my monthly to do list and a fall fun list. Here's how I did, or didn't do as the case may be, with the monthly plan:

* Paint the dresser in the spare bedroom -- done and moved back into the bedroom, photos to come
* Hang artwork in Charlotte's bedroom -- um, does one poster count?
* Create a Thanksgiving tree -- yup, and I loved it!
* Make a (possibly Christmas) dress for Charlotte -- nope, I decided she's going to wear last year's instead
* Finish making cloth napkins -- finally checked this off the list (see them here)
* Make a Christmas garland -- decided I didn't need this, but am still thinking about doing one anyway after seeing Ashley Ann's cupcake liner garland
* Plan out a Christmas countdown and related activities -- done and will share more tomorrow

Three things missed and some of the others just barely got done (as in I was finishing up the dresser last night). Here's how things went on the fall fun list:

* Collect leaves -- um nope, and would have been so simple to do
* Harvest Party -- glad we went!
* Pumpkin Picking -- got some good ones
* Hayride -- luckily they offered them at the Harvest Party
* Apple Print Painting -- Elijah and Charlotte had a blast!
* Rake and Jump in Leaves -- my girl couldn't have been more excited about this
* Road Trip to Georgia -- a whirlwind weekend, for sure
* Halloween Party -- my friends came, we rocked
* Make a Fall Dessert -- we made several (nutella cookies, plum tart, pumpkin spice cupcakes)
* Carve Pumpkins -- I did with work, but we didn't as a family
* Paint Acorns -- started but didn't finish
* Pinecone Birdfeeder -- bought the supplies - that counts for something, right?!
* Trick-or-Treat -- Charlotte made for a very cute gnome!

Eesh, we totally missed out on some of the quintessential autumn projects. And for no good reason, just procrastinated. I did find that November went much smoother than October for us, even with a host of unexpected events thrown in the mix, because I had a plan set early on. It was much easier to shuffle a few days around when things came up, as opposed to putting everything off until the end and not having enough time to get it all done. That's why I already have a plan for December. Check back tomorrow for the details!


marie said...

I think you got a lot done in November - I'm sorry I missed out on the pumpkin spice cupcakes!
The leaves jumping was great fun and I still have a big bag of pinecones for you. I think birds like to eat in December too! : )

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