Thursday, December 8, 2011

Dear Santa

One of our countdown to Christmas actitivies was to write letters to Santa. I had grand plans that we'd sit together as a family, look over toy ads and Charlotte would point out all the things she'd been eyeing. Realistically, this was out of her grasp, since her attention span, at least for things other than Disney tv shows, is short to say the least.

She really wasn't interested in writing to Santa. Especially when she saw the camera. She's either totally cooperative with picture-taking, or totally not cooperative, depending on her mood. Today she wasn't in the mood. She did become a bit more compliant when she learned presents were on the line.

We ultimately decided (and by we I mean I) that it'd be best for me to write her letter and she could draw some pictures so Santa really understood. It's probably a little difficult to make out in the photo below, but Charlotte's letter reads, "Dear Santa, I have been a very good girl this year. I like your reindeer very much! Rudolph with the red nose is my favorite. I hope you will bring me some fun new toys. I want a La La Loopsy, princess dolls, a cash register with money and coins and a treehouse. I would like a little reindeer too! Love, Charlotte"

She even "signed" her name herself. Now I just have to make sure it gets to Santa. :)


Jo said...

I'm sure with a wonderful letter like that, she will get everything on it. Santa is good like that.

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