Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A Christmas Poll

As Charlotte gets older, Mark and I have to talk more and more about how we'll celebrate Christmas. Like everyone, we each have our own traditions and ideas of how to do things, and deciding what is best for our little family takes some actual contemplation. Luckily, Mark is pretty easy-going, so I mainly get my way. :) But the whole idea of choosing your traditions got me thinking about whether or not my way of doing things is the popular way of doing things. So here's a little poll so I can see how I match up to my readers.

When does your tree go up?

What kind of tree do you use?

How is your tree decorated?
What kind of lights are on your tree?What kind of lights are on your house?
Who do you get presents for?
When do you open presents from family?
Does Santa wrap his presents?
I could have gone on and on from here, but figured that'd be overkill. Please chime in with answers and feel free to comment with any other traditions you have!


Jo said...

I'm sure whatever you decide, Charlotte will enjoy it, because that will be her tradition.

marie said...

Ditto to Jo's comment.

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