Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Dolly, No Sir and Hooing

* Charlotte has several baby dolls. Besides her "Daughter Katie" (no idea why it has my name, or why it's her daughter), her favorite is "Dolly". Dolly is a boy. Don't make the mistake of thinking otherwise.

* Charlotte got her first pair of scissors this past month and we broke them in by cutting loads and loads of paper snowflakes (we use coffee filters). She'd cut some new ones every day if we let her! Check back tomorrow to see the results of our work.

* The terrible twos were pretty uneventful around here, but it seems Miss Chuckles is making up for it this month. My sister and my dad both witnessed some pretty epic meltdowns. There was much screaming, crying and thrashing about. It's hard to take her seriously though, when in the midst of her anger she's saying things like, "No sir!" and "I don't like you. I don't like the shushing. I don't like Aunt Mandy talking. I don't like stuff..."

* Charlotte is pretty amped up for Santa. She's been pointing out things she'd like to get for Christmas, singing Christmas carols and watching Christmas movies. My favorite is when we drive past a house with lights that is particularly lovely and she gasps and says, "Oh, it's nearly Christmas day!"

* Speaking of Santa, Charlotte is very aware of the naughty and nice lists. She seems a bit confused about what warrants being on the naughty list though. Not long after one of her epic meltdowns she told us that Oliver was on the naughty list because he sometimes is grumpy and cries. She assured us that she was on the nice list though. Not quite sure how that works.

* I might be a little partial, but I think Charlotte is super cute in her owl hat and matching mittens. I love that she feels the need to hoo every time she wears them.


marie said...

Love these posts!! I sure hope Charlotte made some snowflakes for me...hint!

I'm so glad that I continue to miss the melt-downs. I wouldn't want anything to mess with my image of Saint Charlotte! : )

Mandy said...

You forgot "I don't like be told no crying". That's one of my favorites.

Brandi @ His Shabby Her Chic said...

Charlotte's meltdown phrases made me chuckle.

Also, that hat is just too stinkin cute!

Jo said...

Charlotte having a tantrum? Never... Hey, they all have to go through it and it shows that she is a normal child, haha. I hope she will grow out of this phase quickly (for your sake). Also, I bet she was excited about getting to use a pair of scissors. Last year, at Christmas time, that was the only thing Elijah would talk about... Glue sticks and scissors.

Good thing she's on the nice list or she would be in trouble with all these epic meltdowns. ;-)

Kelly @ Corner of Main said...

Love that hat; I have a thing for owls ;)

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