Wednesday, December 14, 2011

For the Love of Blogs: December 2011

Wow! Have I really just skipped over my For the Love of Blogs posts for October and November?! Oops. I do love sharing some of my favorite reads so here's the last three for this year:

Make It and Love It is where Ashley writes about all her crafty endeavors. From sewing to painting, she's got tutorials for just about everything you could want! If you're ever feeling crafty and need a little inspiration her site is the place to go. At the very least, check out her kids' Halloween costumes - the cutest things ever!

Up next, IHeart Organizing. Jen's site is full of tips and tricks for organizing all aspects of your life. She shares printables, both freebies on her blog and others for sale in her shop, as well as product recommendations and the occasional giveaway. I can use all the organizational tips I can get, so her blog is a daily read for me. She'll definitely inspire you too, so take a look!

And finally, a blog that is new to me - Visual Vocabulary. This is where artist and designer Jesyka shares all the wonderful things that are in her *ahem* visual vocabulary. I love everything she posts about from her daughter's first birthday party to her birdcage chandelier. But my absolute favorite has to be the vintage library baby shower that she just shared. So great!

Hope there are some new finds for you! Enjoy!!


Michelle said...

uh, katie? it's 2011 this year
just sayin.

Katie said...

Hahaha!! Jumping the gun. Off to fix that. :)

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