Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Ring Around the Rosie

The weekend before last I headed up to Jarrettsville Nurseries to snag some photos of my brother Joe, his wife Jo, and their two boys. Charlotte and Mark tagged along and when I wasn't snapping away, Charlotte was putting her arm around Elijah, holding his hand, dancing with him, etc. She really, truly loves this boy! Here's a series of photos that I captured of their cuteness, followed by some photos of the family:


Quite a good-looking bunch, right?!


Jo said...

I love the animated gif. That's so cute! They did have a lot of fun together that day (as usual). :-) Thanks, again, for taking the pics and making the hike up there. We appreciate it.

marie said...

Love these photos....but the "ring around the rosie" is making me dizzy.

AmiDawn said...

i haven't been to this tree farm yet, but it seems like a really popular one in this area!

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