Thursday, January 26, 2012

Craigslist Find

Two weeks ago I shared my rough plan for Charlotte's room, detailing my ideas for the bedding, artwork and color scheme of her space. Part of that plan was locating an iron bed similar to the ones that Edie used in her daughters' space.

Well Craig and his list came through for me. Big time. I scored not one, but two iron twin beds. For a whopping 60 bucks. Not too shabby right?! While I only need one, I figured it'd be best to get both in case we ever need another down the line. I haven't snagged photos yet, but I'm pretty sure they're exactly the same as the ones in that inspiration image, just in a slightly beat up white finish.

Now I've got to decide what color to paint them. Do I go white or will that be lost in the shuffle of all the other white in the room (bedding, curtains, dresser)? Do I pick a bright, bold shade of pink or green or blue? Or do I prove that brass is back and go with something like Edie's? Hmmm... decisions, decisions.

Luckily I've got a while to decide. Even with random 50 degree days it's far too cold to paint them right now. Instead I'm focusing on the linens for the room. I think I've finally located some fabric (well, vintage sheets technically) to use for the drapes and I've got to get cracking on her duvet cover. Charlotte did tell me the other day that she hates her current bed and can't wait for a new, big one. Guess I better get moving!


Jo said...

Great find! Brass or Silver might be nice for the beds... unless you are going for a wimsical look, then I would go with a color like pink, green or blue.

Peeper said...

I love the dulled brass of the inspiration beds - they stand out on their own. I would avoid that shiny, yellow brass look though - ick!

marie said...

I LOVE those beds! Charlotte strikes me a little girl who will love color. I vote for's her favorite now that she's changed her mind!

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