Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Eating, Reading and Kissing

I bet you thought I'd let the month get away from me before I posted any anecdotes about Charlotte. Well, I nearly did. Thank goodness I happened across a photo that was too cute not to show off and it prompted me to share these gems:

* We've been lucky that Charlotte has always been a pretty good eater. She tends to prefer items separated as opposed to mixed in a casserole type dish, but otherwise has no real food aversions. Her newest favorites are a little odd for a three year old though: celery and canned tuna fish. She regularly requests chicken and celery sandwiches (aka tuna salad) and will help herself to stalks of celery from the fridge. What a weirdo!

* Generally speaking Charlotte is pretty well-behaved. Put her and Penelope together though and those girls are crazy. Frenemies to the core. I'm pretty sure Charlotte has stood in the corner for fighting, not sharing, yelling, etc more in the past month than she has her whole life.

* She and Penelope agree on one thing though. They looooove pink. Charlotte's favorite color had been blue, but she'll tell you matter of factly, "I changed my mind. I like pink now."

* Charlotte wasn't really interested in books as an infant, but loves reading stories now, especially if they involve characters she knows (ie. Disney princesses). At bedtime I read a few to her before leaving her to "read" them to her stuffed animals. Usually as she gets tired she puts the book away and settles in, but on this particular night, she fell off to sleep mid-story.

* Month after month I share about how much Charlotte loves her cousin Elijah and her friend Oliver. On any given day she can describe her plans to marry one or both of them. The other day though, she said she and Oliver would be getting married and after the wedding they would kiss. On the lips. Lord help me...


marie said...

What a funny girl she is....I cracked up whe she told me about her new favorite color. She saidit exactly as you shared. "I changed my mind Gramma...."! Ha Ha!
LOVE this photo. Love when they fall asleep mid-something.

At least the kissing on the lips doesn't happen until after the wedding!

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