Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Over 200

This post is a testament to just how awesome a digital camera is. Only with digital can one take 200+ pictures of one little girl opening up presents for about an hour. Seems a bit ridiculous looking back, but I just couldn't help myself. Have a look:

Not long after we finished Charlotte ran upstairs, changed clothes and came back down ready to play. Her present of choice -- her LaLaLoopsy set. It, along with the LaLaLoopsy treehouse that Gramma and Grandpa got her, continues to be her favorite new toy. She also seems to love the LaLaLoopsy outfit I got her. Must snag a photo of that to share!

You should count yourself lucky that I didn't continue snapping photos at her cousins' house and my parents' house. Needless to say, she got more than her fair share of goodies. And for that we are very grateful!


marie said...

I love that she had a nice, calm present opening session at home! Thanks for sharing all the photos.

LOVE that eyebrow!

Jo said...

That's so great that she got something she really, really enjoys. It is hard to not take a ton of pics, but the great part about digital, too, is that you can delete the ones you don't like, if you want to.

sara said...

what girl wouldn't love waking up to a sequined stocking?!

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