Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2011 In Review

I trust everyone had a relaxing and joy-filled Christmas and New Year! We enjoyed a quiet week with our happy little munchkin (photos to come). For now, let's just take a look back at my favorite photos of the year, by month:

January was busy around our house. We moved into our new place so most days were filled with unloading and unpacking. Charlotte fought off a wicked cold and we saw the first of several snowstorms.

During February we really got busy with snowstorms, enjoyed our light-filled bathroom and started in on a massive to do list for our place.

March is when we made our first attempt at potty training, did a whole lot of painting and even more playing. Neighbors, cousins , everyone was fun to run around with!

We did more than just dye Easter eggs in April. We had lightsaber battles, did some watercolor painting and just generally enjoyed Spring.

It should come as no surprise that May was a big deal around our house. The main event was Charlotte's Peter Pan birthday party, but we also enjoyed a trip to the zoo, celebrated royally and added some much needed coat storage to our entryway.

June was another busy month for us. Charlotte let her diva looks be known at her cousin's soccer game and I showed off our dining room. We also visited with Mark's mum, did a lot of playing outdoors and spent some time on Sesame Street.

July was filled with fireworks, mini golf, a trip to the beach and the creation of my favorite Pinterest-inspired project to date, my cross-stitch wall art. Oh, and we welcomed a new member to the family, my nephew Caleb. So stinkin cute!!

August was a month for creating. I made a sign for the entryway and a crate bookcase and Charlotte and her cousin whipped up some marshmallow sculptures. And we squeezed in a trip to Michigan too!

Mark celebrated his birthday in September, which was squeezed in between recovering from Hurricane Irene, Charlotte putting on 'Fireworks' shows, and me working what felt like a million hours of overtime (it was actually about 100 or so extra hours, in three weeks time). I'm tired just thinking about it!

October was a return to normal. We went to a few Halloween-related events, decorated for the spooky day, did some apple print painting, pumpkin picking and generally goofed around, resulting in probably my favorite photo of the year. :)

In November we ate, and ate, and ate some more. And we created a Thanksgiving tree, raked and played in leaves, and spent a lot of time tinkering with Lego.

And we capped the year off in December with a whole month full of Christmas activities. We planned our countdown to the big day and actually stuck to our plan (shocking!!), which included decorating the tree, writing a letter to Santa, having a sleepover (a new tradition for us) and loads more.

Our first year in our new place was better than any year I can remember! I can only hope that 2012 will be half as good!!


marie said...

Yep...2011 sounds like it was a good year for the Palmers! I'll be praying that 2012 is one filled with joy and sweet memories!

Jo said...

It sounds like a very wonderful year, all around.

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