Thursday, February 9, 2012


I've been such a bad blogger. Christmas was 45 days ago and I never shared some of my gifts - the stuff that my family was gracious enough to send my direction. I don't have photos of my personal stuff, but here's a roundup of online images I found for some of my favorites:

Moving clockwise from top left: Design*Sponge at Home, Kindle Fire, Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Trees (Christmas just wouldn't be right without these!), Recollections Glitter Assortment (found at Michaels), Kindle Cover, Nifty Fifty Lens

Everything has been much enjoyed! The chocolate trees didn't make it to the New Year (no surprise there), the Kindle Fire and cover have been used almost daily and the lens is sure to get it's biggest workout to date over the next few days. So, even though it was a while ago, what were your favorite gifts this year?

P.S. I pinky swear this is my last Christmas post. At least until December rolls around. After that all bets are off.


Michelle said...

you'd better only pinky swear for 6 months! you know how early christmas hits the stores. plus anything christmassy that is diy'd must be started early early early.

the design sponge book was on my list, but i didn't get it. i did get 2 "kick ass" books by mark montano. got some camera gear too and lots of chicken stuff. we'll be chicken farmers (does 6 chicks make you a farmer?) next month when our chicks arrive.


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