Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Oscars + This Week's Menu {2/28}

Sorry for skipping yesterday's post. My weekend was mostly computer free, so no blogging. Instead we worked in the yard (ugh, it starts again), did some spring cleaning, hung out with family and watched the Oscars. Did you watch? We caught an hour or so of red carpet coverage and then the show itself. We guessed who would win ahead of time (my sister and I tied with 18 right) and picked our best and worst dressed:

Emma Stone looked really phenomenal. And about a million miles tall. Is she really that tall, or just wearing mile high heels? I loved the fuschia red and the bow. And she's just so darn funny, which might color my opinion of her a bit. :) Melissa McCarthy is hilarious too, but this look is tragic. The color isn't doing anything for her, the wing-like sleeves are pretty scary and between the gathers, the beading and the train there is just too much going on. Bottom line, she's looked way better in the past.

And with no real transition between topics, I'm just going to share my meal plan for the rest of the week. I find myself way more likely to actually follow through if I post it here, so here goes:

Tuesday - Leftover chicken soup (from Monday)
Wednesday - Steak and long grain & wild rice
Thursday - Ham and eggs
Friday - Chicken taquitos
Saturday - Unstuffed cabbage

Not my most inspired plan, but I'm trying to avoid grocery shopping for the next few days. What's your plan for the week?


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