Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Year {On the Hunt}

Have you seen the movie Leap Year? It was cute enough, very predictable, but sweet nonetheless. I particularly liked the scene in the bed & breakfast when Anna and Declan prepare dinner together. Not so much because of the scene itself so much as the decor. In particular, I love the pot rack on the wall:

See it there on the left, with the yellow pots on it? I love that it's vertical and doesn't seem to take up much space. And that when loaded up with pots it has sort of a homey, vintage feel to it. I'd love to find something similar for my kitchen. I'm constantly struggling to find space for everything and having the pots up on the wall would free up one more cabinet. So I'm officially on the hunt for something similar.

Any ideas what this would be called? Other than a pot shelf. Or vertical pot storage. Or wall-mounted pot rack. Or any of the million of other searches I've tried. Cause I'm coming up with a big, fat nothing on my Etsy, Ebay and google searches.

Source: YouTube


Jo said...

I googled tiered pot rack and came up with some things that look similar, but I don't know if any of them mount to the wall or look like what you are looking for... But at least it's a starting point.

Hope you can find something that suits your needs!

Jo said...

Sorry, I can't edit my comment or I would have. I also found this:

It says under counter, but it's looks nice enough that you could put it on top of the counter.

marie said...

Maybe if you draw a picture of it you could find someone who would make it for you??

Angela Scott said...

Hi Katie Did you ever find the pot rack as I was just watching the film and saw it myself and would love it. Angela

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