Thursday, March 8, 2012

Accessory Storage {On the Hunt}

Charlotte's newfound love for accessories of all kinds - bows, barrettes, headbands, necklaces, rings, etc - has turned our house into quite the runway. She likes to swap out her hair and jewelry multiple times a day and parade around in each new look. Because she likes to do this in different rooms all the time, she created her own accessory storage container.

Yup, a styrofoam egg carton. While it works (although we apparently need to work on sorting skills, because this mish-mash just isn't going to cut it with me), it's certainly not durable enough to be a long-term solution. So I'm looking for something new to hold these tiny pieces (C already has another container for larger items). In particular I need to find something with sections like this egg carton has, preferably with a lid and in a material that is toddler-proof. But still cute.

The Anthro egg crate definitely fits the cute requirement, but without a lid and made of stoneware it's not in the running. Any of the million variety of embroidery floss boxes would work, but they're pretty lame looking considering this unit's home will be on the dresser in her room. This best thing I've found so far is this plastic egg crate, but I think I'd prefer something in a color. Wonder if it can be painted?! Hmmm... any other ideas for me?


marie said...

How about a Caboodle? The plastic egg crate is "eh".

Jacqi said...

Maybe you can put some kind of coating on the egg crate to make it more durable. Then if it gets crushed you can just make another one. Check this that I pinned awhile back:

Jacqi said...

Here the direct link:
Recyled Styrofoam Trays

efran said...

What about this game?
You could just discard or put the eggs elsewhere and then cover up any writing with some scrapbook paper and modge podge.

Or I also saw ths one:

I would definitely be on the hunt now, since Easter goodies are out in stores.

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