Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Raspberry & Tangerine

Sounds so much better than pink and orange, right?! As I've worked on gathering items together for Charlotte's room I've noticed that raspberry and tangerine hues are definitely a part of the mix. They won't be the only colors (I like a ton of different colors in every room), but they definitely will be noticed. You've already seen a variation of this pairing in the sheets I'll be turning into curtains and in the Peter Pan print that's hanging on her wall.

With raspberry and tangerine on the brain, here are some great Etsy finds in those colors:

Click the photo to be taken to the Treasury to get more details. One of these items is already on its way to me, to be used in Miss C's room. Any guesses as to which?


marie said...

Fun colors!
I'm going to guess the pom pom ball I right? What do I win!!?

Jo said...

This is a really nice coloring pairing. So bright and summery. I would say you are getting the giraffe wall decal, but something in me thinks that is not your style. The pillows would be a cute addition. I can't wait to see what her room looks like when you are finished with it.

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