Thursday, March 15, 2012

Birdhouses {On the Hunt}

Have you noticed I've had a lot of these {On the Hunt} posts lately? Generally speaking, I'm pretty good at searching out whatever item I'm looking for and finding something that will fit (or at least can be tweaked to fit) my needs perfectly. But sometimes you become so tired of searching that your eyes go crossed and you just can't do it anymore. That's when these posts happen. Here's what I'm hunting for now:

Birdhouses. I love the look of all these brightly colored birdhouses and hope to install a bunch on the side of my shed. I've lamented before that my yard is overly landscaped. It's beautiful, but it's a ton of work. I think a bright array of these little houses would be a great distraction when I'm out there for hours on end weeding and pruning. Not to mention they'd be a good focal point for an otherwise sort of haphazard area of the yard.

The problem is I need a bunch of them. Probably 24 or so. And I'm cheap. Super cheap. And they can't be too small. And I'd like at least 2-3 different styles, figuring I can paint them in different ways to make them seem even more like a mish mash rather than a bought-in-one-fell-swoop sort of set. Yeah, I'm needy. I know. But I figure there's got to be some sort of wholesale birdhouse manufacturer that can help me out. Any ideas?


Jo said...

Short of buying the wood and making them yourself, I don't know if there is a cheap way of doing this. I know they well them unpainted and in different styles at ACMoore, but they are probably around $7 each... Def not cheap. Good luck in your search. Did you find the other thing you were looking for?

marie said...

Michaels in GB has them for about $5. A decent assortment of styles too. You could make lots of trips with 40% off coupons or hope for a wood sale.

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