Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Day One

Charlotte did it! She survived her first (and second) day of school. Yup, my big girl started preschool last week. She was incredibly excited!! So excited, in fact, that she's making a huge, cheesy grin in all of her first day photos:

Mark and I decided near the end of 2011 that it was time for her to go to school a couple days a week (Wednesdays and Fridays, to be exact). More than anything we just wanted her to have the experience of interacting with other little kids, obeying a teacher, etc before she has actual kindergarten to contend with. I toured a few schools around Thanksgiving and made my decision about which was right for us pretty quickly. But I kept putting off actually signing her up. Guess I don't want my baby to be old enough for school. :) But I finally got my butt in gear and off she went. She had a blast!!

P.S. Her first day of school outfit was not so crazy once you took her coat off. The pink is really clashing with the coral pants, but it was too cold to go sans pants just for a better photo. :(


Anonymous said...

What a cutie. There is nothing sweeter than a happy preschooler! She is soooooo excited and ready to be in school. I am happy for her. Pj

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