Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Ninjas, the Blame Game and Noodles

Check me out. Nearly a week left in the month and I'm already prepared to share some funny tidbits about Charlotte. Here goes...

* Mark and I were talking during dinner and Charlotte was acting like a crazy fool. I finally looked her way and asked if she needed something. She said, "I need attention." Ohhhh-kaaaaay...

* We always knew Charlotte had a love for Lego, but we've just recently learned that her love extends to ninja Lego, or rather Ninjago. She knows all the ninjas' names, as well as their teacher's name and the villian's name, and likes to bust out ninja moves. She's got it down.

* The blame game has started at our house. Charlotte is majorly into blaming everyone and anyone for something she did. She told me once that Chrissy put stickers on her wall. Riiiight.

* Charlotte has a piece of raisin bread just about every morning. One day she'd take a bite and say, "It's a slide." She'd take another and say, "It's an elephant." Apparently raisin bread is a substitute for clouds for us.

* I recently completed Charlotte's duvet cover and got it all set up on her bed. She hid under the covers and then fumbled around, saying "I can't find the out."

* My mom picked Charlotte up from school the Friday before last and accidentally left her back pack there. We were preparing to head out on Sunday and I came downstairs to find Charlotte sitting on our little wooden chair, with a superbly sad look on her face. She told me, "I'm just sad about my pack pack." That's Charlotte speak for back pack and she really was devastated that she'd have to wait until Wednesday to see it again.

* Even though she puts up a bit of a fight about going to school, she always seems to have a good time there. Case in point - her daily sheet from when Gramma and Great Grandma picked her up. It said: Charlotte did a great job eating lunch today. She would pick up each noodle, one by one, and drop it into her mouth. Her friends enjoyed watching her eat lunch.

Here's a photo of Charlotte with Great Grandma, courtesy of my sister-in-law Jacqi. Too sweet!


marie said...

I like that raisin bread is like clouds to her...and how she commands attention.

I'm also REALLY sorry about the pack pack!

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