Friday, March 23, 2012

A Quick Interruption...

... and a delightful one at that. I'm skipping my regular Friday post in favor of telling you about March Madness. Just like last year, my friends and I have opted to save ourselves from the craziness of the college basketball playoffs and do our own version of March Madness. One that focuses on hotness rather than b-ball ability. It's just a goofy way for us to have a bit of fun.

This year my coworkers submitted names of their favorite men and women and we randomly paired them up. Head on over to my March Madness blog to see who is matched for the first round and make your picks. Just note that the polls are a little finicky, so you may want to refresh the page to make sure your votes were counted in each matchup.

Disclaimer: We realize this is silly and perhaps even childish, but we find it entertaining all the same. If you don't, feel free to just move right past it onto the next item of your day.


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