Thursday, April 12, 2012


Now that I finally own a smart phone (yup, took me until 2012 to get one) I can take photos and share them on the fly. I'm loving that Instagram released their Android app nearly simultaneous with me getting my phone. I've only taken a few photos so far, but hope to get at least one a day from now on. Fat Mum Slim has a great challenge that I hope to start up next month.

the drive in // bleeding hearts in bloom // jar full of lollipops
excited about her haircut // game one of the playoffs // little caesars

Wanna follow me on instagram? I'm explanationrequired - just search users to find me. And share your username in the comments so I can find you! :)


Welcome to the Lovely Life of Leah said...

I am sooo excited about Android getting instagram too! And yes it's pretty much all i've blogged about for the past week LOL! Excited to get in on the challenge... fab idea! oh, and I'm @lovelylifeofleah

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