Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Park & Easter

We don't visit the park nearly as much as we should, but made up for it this past weekend. On Saturday, my friends and I got together to hang out and plan some activities for the next few months and decided the park where we celebrated Charlotte's 2nd birthday was the perfect venue. We spent four hours just chatting while Charlotte and Oliver played. Then on Sunday, Charlotte and Penelope headed back to the very same park for an hour or two. Charlotte really loved it both days, so we've definitely got to be better about visiting the park more! Here are some photos of our first visit there, along with some photos of Charlotte and Penelope enjoying their Easter egg hunt at my parents' house:

Ugh, are these two not the cutest? We fully expect that when Charlotte's a teenager, and Oliver is a twerpy pre-teen he'll loooove Charlotte and she'll be too cool to give him the time of day. And then as Oliver gets older and hunkier, Charlotte will regret blowing him off. And then they'll get married and we'll have an awesome slideshow of super embarassing pictures at the wedding. Including loads of bathtub photos. :) My heart swells at the thought of it.

When Miss Chuckles got tired of playing with Oliver and tired of chasing the older kids on the playground (that we didn't know) who didn't really want to play with her, she headed over to the tennis courts to hit a few balls with Mark. I don't think she actually hit any, so this part of our park visit didn't last long. You couldn't tear her away from egg hunting though. She and Penelope had a really fantastic time!

Hope you enjoyed the photo overload!!


Jo said...

Looks like a fun-filled weekend. The park is the best place ever. It's free and kids love it. Can't get much better than that.

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