Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Bath for Two

A few weeks ago, when the derecho ripped through the mid-Atlantic states, we had visitors. My brother's power was out for a few days, so he and his family stayed at our place. Charlotte was sooooo happy to have her cousin around to play with! And she really loved having a tubmate. Check them out:

You can tell from Charlotte's hair that she was in desperate need of a bath. Such a bird's nest! For the most part the girls just sat at their own ends of the tub, playing with tub toys. They had princess dolls and sea animals and stayed occupied in relative peace and quiet for about 30 minutes or so. Once the cups came out things got a little louder. Probably because Charlotte felt the need to help Penelope wash her hair. At first Penelope was obliging, but things changed quickly when she realized that Charlotte wasn't nearly as careful with the water as her mom or I might be. Sorry P!

And you'd think that when they switched spots and Penelope had control of the water she'd have gotten her revenge, but no. Either Penelope has better aim, or Charlotte is better at keeping her head up, cause Charlotte didn't get a single drop on her face.

Such cuties! And even though we were snug as a bug in a bug around here (that's how Charlotte says it), I'm grateful for the time our families got to spend together. We live close and see each other regularly, but there was something special about these girls waking up together and going to bed together and spending all their in between time together. They played like friends and fought like sisters, which I think is awesome!


marie said...

The skylight sure does brighten up that bathroom!
It's nice for them to have a chance to "live" together. I hope that they are "best friends" growing up.

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