Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Goodbye Boob Light

Charlotte spent the night at my sister's on Friday (thanks Mandy!). Mark and I decided to spend much of our childless time planning what needed to be done around the house. And shopping for supplies for a couple projects. High on the to do list was to replace the boob light in our upstairs landing area.

You're familiar with them right? Round, boring and look just like a boob when viewed from the right angle (once you've seen it, you can't unsee it). While they function just fine, they're totally lacking in style and I've made it a mission to rid this house of them. In less than an hour's time I accomplished that mission. Yeah, we're that good. And we only had one of them to contend with. Hehe. Don't fear though, we have plenty of other ugly light fixtures to tackle down the line. But, I digress... after we returned from the store Mark made quick work of removing the old fixture, so we could replace it with this little beauty.

Kidding, kidding. Well, sorta. This $10 fixture is probably uglier than the boob light, if that's possible. But it was a means to an end. You see, we Mark installed the fixture itself and left off the shade. That left us with a downward facing bulb socket that we could attach this copper tiered shade to. It's a favorite amongst bloggers and I anxiously awaited it to go back in stock at Urban Outfitters so I could grab one. I love it's beat up uniqueness!

Mark isn't in love yet, but he'll come around. Now I have to work on convincing him that we should paint over the chalkboard wall we have in the kitchen and instead paint the landing in black chalkboard paint. Crazy, right?! Yup, that's me. And once the rest of the hall is spruced up, I'll make sure to share a wider angle of the space with you.


marie said...

I like this a lot....and I can't wait to see it in person!
You have a whole lot of lighting changes going on.
Twinkle lights, a ladybug and now, an upside down wedding cake!

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