Thursday, August 16, 2012

Artificial Plants {On the Hunt}

I've got a black thumb. Not grey. Not black with a tinge of green. Truely and utterly black. And yet I really, really like the look of plants in a home. They add great texture and do a lot to brighten up a space. I mean, take a look at some of these room photos I've keep in my files:

I've tried before and know that a plant in my home is bound to meet an untimely end. It's just inevitable. So I'm trying to find fake houseplants that will give me the look I want without the maintenance. Ikea has some great small ones, but nothing with the size shown in my inspiration photos. And while I don't mind ordering some online, it's hard to really judge quality without seeing them in person.

So do you have any sources? Any hidden spots where one can found good quality, artificial houseplants at an afforable price point? Oh, did I forget to add that part? Yeah, I don't want to spend a gazillion dollars.


Anonymous said...

Katie, Two of the pictures you posted are of plants that are SUPER easy to take care of. I think the top two pictures are a ponytail palm and a snake plant. I have both and the reason I have them is they're indestructible. Snake plants are actually one of the best air cleaning plants for your home. These would both be great starters and I know you could keep them living. I water mine once a week but they are ok to go two weeks even if you forget.
-Sarah Gilt

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