Tuesday, August 14, 2012

School Time

It occurred to me the other day, while walking past the school supplies section of Target, that this time next year I'll be shopping for school supplies for Charlotte. For Kindergarten. Ugh. How is it possible that she's just a year away from full-time school? I mean wasn't she just a wee tiny baby with a bit of an attitude and a propensity for roundhouse kicks? So, in effort to just push the thought of her being in school from my mind, I got to thinking about the fun school supplies I'd want. For myself. Not for a certain curly-headed babe who is most definitely not old enough for school. :(

Here's links to the goodies: No. 1 - Mechanical Pencils, No. 2 - Anything Scissors, No. 3 - Striped Fleece Backpack, No. 4 - Animal Balance Eraser Set, No. 5 - Wooden Giraffe Ruler, No. 6 - Facebox Stencil Kit, No. 7 - Kate Spade Striped Notepads, No. 8 - Shark Pencil Case

What's your favorite? I'm partial to the giraffe ruler and the striped backpack. So much fun!


marie said...

LOVE the notepads, pencils and, of course, the ruler!
No way is "C" ready for school...the thought just brings a tear to my eye!

Jo said...

That stencil kit is awesome... and so are the notepads. Some really good finds. I can't believe she and Elijah will be starting school soon. Even though I'm doing part-time with him this year, it will be weird to take that "official first day of school" picture next year.

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