Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Technology, Aging and Bouncing

Another month is nearly at its end and, shockingly, I actually remembered to jot down email myself some of the things I want to remember about Charlotte. Do you do that to? Email yourself things you need to remember? Maybe it's just me. Anyway...

* Charlotte has a newfound love for my Kindle this month. Every morning she wakes up and asks for it. She lounges in my bed, playing Where's My Alligator, Angry Birds or one of the millions of matching games I have loaded on it until it's time for her to head downstairs.

* In keeping with her affinity for technology, she loves the phone. Well, her play phone. She has pretend conversations with people all day long. Sometimes for 10 minutes at a time. Her longest conversations are with Gramma, Chrissy or her cousins.

* We (Mark, my mom, my sister and I) take Charlotte shopping with us regularly. She prefers to go with Mark since he takes her to toy stores, whereas us girls always go to "junk stores" (aka thrift stores and Goodwill). If you ask her what she thinks of them, she'll tell you she hates them. I guess the apple doesn't fall from from the tree.

* My mom shared about a conversation she had with Charlotte a while back about wrinkles. She described that people get wrinkles as they age because their skin isn't as stretchy. That explains why she was looking at Mark one day and said, rather emphatically, "You have wrinkles on your hand, Daddy. That means you're getting old."

* Charlotte has a few chores around the house (picking up toys, sorting laundry, etc) and we added making her bed to that list not that long ago. Funny because my version of making the bed typically involves throwing the covers in the general direction of the headboard. But she's learned that you need to smooth out the blanket and put your pillow on top. She also thinks you need to jump on the bed to get out wrinkles. I can't imagine which parent (ahem, me) was part of the bouncing spree that put that thought in her head.


Michelle said...

i am pretty famous for calling my own home and leaving a message for something i need to remember once i get there. haven't emailed myself much, but i do jot notes in my post it app or take pics on my phone of things i want to remember.

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