Thursday, September 6, 2012

I Need a Makeover!

Well, I don't need a makeover. My sunroom does. Ok, I could maybe use a makeover too. You know, a new wardrobe. Maybe a fresh cut and some color. But that's neither here nor there. The focus here is my sunroom and all it's hideousness. Have you seen it before? No? Well, that's because I've never really shared any photos of it on the blog because it's so awful. But Vintage Revivals is doing an Epic Room Makeover Giveaway, and if you want to win you have to display the fug. So, here goes:
Yeah, the photos speak for themselves, right?! Well, the labels help. :) The room used to be a carport, but at some point prior to us purchasing the house it was finished off into a three season room. I use that term loosely, because it's really too cold to use in winter and too hot to use in the summer. Guess I need to invest in an A/C for this space. There's a lot of potential here, but so much is working against it right now. Icky and worn carpeting. Wood paneling whose stripes, when combined with the stripes of the ceiling, can induce dizziness. Windows galore that make coming up with window coverings difficult. A stairwell that never gets used (yeah, that didn't make it in the picture, but it's near the rear door - the one with the pet door). A porch light placed sorta randomly on the only open wall. Need I go on?

But like I said, this space has so much potential. It's been my goal to turn it into an additional entertaining space since it's the path between the kitchen and the backyard, which means it gets tons of traffic whenever guests are over. So seating and fun decor are the main priority. But I also envision using it as a spare work space too. Our place is small so there's no one room that can be devoted to creating with Charlotte. Currently our dining table is her art space, but having to always pick up in order to eat can really stifle your creativity. I'd love to be able to leave the occasional project out until it can be worked on again.

Truth be told, there's tons I'd like to do around my house and this room is just one of many tasks on the list. Right now, our priority is working with what we've got and saving our pennies to redo our kitchen. It's the epitome of dysfunctional and will take some real work, so everything else, this space included, is on the back burner. Without a little help I don't see the sunroom getting the attention it deserves for several years. If that even. So please, pretty pretty please, go check out the entries and vote for your favorite choice (mine). Make sure to pick someone who you think really could use the help (me). And a space that has the potential for an awesome transformation (this one). And if it'll sway you my way, imagine that I'm batting my eyelashes and pouting. And if that'll sway you away from me, know that that's not my style, so I'm totally not.

Pssst... I'm entry #126. Voting ends on Sept 14 and you can vote once per day per IP address. Go vote!


marie said...

I voted! Good luck!!

Anonymous said...

I voted hope you win. Pj

Mandi @ Vintage Revivals said...

Katie Katie!
I would LOVE to come and overhaul your sunroom, like LOVE LOVE! And that thrifted light MIGHT need to come home with me...just sayin. Thanks so much for entering and good luck!

Love your guts

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