Monday, June 28, 2010

Little Picasso

We spent this past weekend preparing our house to go on the market. Thanks to the help of my parents and sister, Mark and I were able to check a whole lot off our to do list!! But Charlotte and I set aside about 20 minutes on Sunday afternoon to make some art for her room (probably for her play room in the future house). Below are some photos of the process. Check back for the reveal of the one of a kind masterpiece on Friday.

Charlotte handed me a bottle of paint to open and was very upset when she realized it wasn't bubbles. Utter despair.

The sadness disappeared as soon as she realized she'd be getting messy with our little art project (hence the IKEA smock).

It's a good thing I picked up that smock the other day (and laid down a canvas dropcloth on the carpet) because Charlotte did get a little messy! She managed to get paint on her leg and the dropcloth before we'd even moved on to our second color.

We added a healthy dose of green and a touch of light blue to our project before calling it finished.

Be sure to head this way on Friday to catch the big reveal!


marie said...

This baby cracks me up!
Love the colors you used ~ and I can't wait for the big reveal!

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