Friday, June 25, 2010

Potential Projects

Friday is normally the day I post about the project I completed earlier in the week (have you noticed I've got a posting schedule now?). I have gotten a couple things done this week - a heart garland for Charlotte's room and a Father's Day t-shirt for Mark, but no good photos of either to share. Have you been doing some projects of your own? Need some inspiration? Check out my new blog - Potential Projects.

It's a spot for me to save all the project ideas that I love. Much like my Droolworthy Decor blog it's got labels that will help keep it organized. There's only a couple things posted so far, but more on the way. It's specifically meant to serve as an organizational tool for me, but can hopefully give some inspiration to you too, so check it out!

And if you ever need to get to it in the future, you can always click to it from the list of links below my header.

Have fun!


marie said...

Neat idea Katie!

I saw the heart garland in person ~ it's VERY cute!

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