Monday, June 7, 2010


This past Thursday we decided to have breakfast for dinner. Mark is great at making pancakes so he was the cook for the evening. He worked hard trying to create Mickey-shaped pancakes (even had a handy Mickey cookie cutter tool), but they turned out looking more like a Picasso version of Mickey than the real deal. The mini pancakes he made for Charlotte were great though!

It's hard to tell from the photos, but these pancakes were only about 3 inches in diameter and filled with chocolate chips. I didn't want the messiness of syrup on them (believe me, Charlotte can make a big enough mess with just the chocolate chips) so I added a couple dollops of cool whip instead.

She wasn't feeling particularly hungry and didn't eat a whole lot. She managed to find all the chocolate chips though!


Jo said...

Mmm, breakfast for dinner is the best. From a person who can't make good, non-burnt, pancakes, I think they look wonderful!

Katie said...

Yeah, I can't make non burnt pancakes either. Mark says the trick is to flip them as soon as the edges don't look runny. He also says you have to turn down the heat as you go because the pan gets too hot.

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