Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sprinkler Time

Back on Monday I said I'd be showing kidlet photos later this week. Well, later has come. As promised, here's loads of photos of Charlotte and some of her cousins.

At first it was just her and Elijah. They really loved the sprinkler that my mom picked up at the grocery store, especially when the ball would hang in the air. Elijah was usually the one actually putting the balls in the sprinkler, while Charlotte generally stood on the outskirts (and sometimes ducked under the water), watching him do all the work.

They started getting a little chilly with just the sprinkler (because of the water temperature, not the blazing hot air temperature), so we went around back and let them swim for a bit. They seemed to enjoy themselves even more than last time. Both of them love floating around on their own (with a parent just out of camera shot) and like getting splashed. This is imperative since Uncle Joe likes splashing!

Later in the day Penelope came to join in the fun! Back out to the front yard we went for a little more sprinkler time. Charlotte's suit was wet (and you try to wriggle a two year old into a wet swimsuit) and Penelope didn't have one, so it was just swim diapers for the girls. Too cute if you ask me!!

I have a feeling this $15 sprinkler is going to get a lot of use this summer!!


marie said...

I may use the sprinkler on non-baby visit days just to green up that nasty straw like lawn!
Those babies sure look cute ~ I'm so glad that they all seem to love the water!

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