Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Handwriting Doppelganger

I was reading through the archives of a blog that I'd just recently discovered (The Yvestown Blog), when I came upon this photo of a book that used a quote from the blog's author:

It stopped me in my tracks. Not because of the words (although they're perfectly nice and seem to fit right in with the book), but because the handwriting seemed so similar to my own. I mean ridiculously similar. So much so that I began air-writing (is that what you'd call pretending to write with no pen or paper) just so I could better visualize how alike they are.

Very alike. And it got me thinking about whether or not the handwriting could, in fact, be mine. You see, forever ago, I submitted an uppercase and lowercase alphabet to Amanda over at kevinandamanda.com and she graciously turned it into an actual font. A font called Pea Katie (because her font-making arose from message boards discussions over at Two Peas in a Bucket). So I did a little experiment to see if the handwriting was mine:

They're not the same, but they are pretty darn close. Weird.

P.S. If you want to see more handwriting fonts and maybe even download the font for yours truly, check out Fonts for Peas.

P.P.S. If you want your handwriting made into a font, get Amanda's instructions here.


marie said...

Hmmmm...I would have thought it was yours. Very similar indeed!!

P.S. You have very nice handwriting!
: )

Shelley said...

Very cool link. Thanks for sharing!!

Jacqi said...

I have your font on my computer. I downloaded it with a group of fonts online that included quite a few [Insert Name Here] Pea fonts.

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