Thursday, June 16, 2011

Etsy Favorites: Collections

Everyone knows that small things are good, but small things en masse are better. Here are some instant collections I've found on Etsy, in case you haven't started one of your own:

Are you a collector of anything? I have a couple kitschy calendars that I really love (seen here in my dining room), and a few old tins and crates, but nothing that I've truly displayed together as a collection. I am on the hunt for something to go on the wall going up my stairs. Maybe my trip to the antique mall today will yield some fun and interesting results. And an addiction to something other than Etsy and Pinterest.


Unknown said...

I collect Hello Kitty... but more because I love her than I'm going for a certain amt. or trying to have the most unique stuff. I do have some stuff still in the packaging... ok i guess I AM a collector!

Jo said...

Some of those things are really cute. We don't really collect anything persay... Although by seeing the large amount of childrens books in my living room right now, you would think we collect those. Maybe we do and I just don't know it...

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