Wednesday, June 15, 2011

For the Love of Blogs: June

Here we go again with another round of fantastic blogs I've found. Click here for the blogs featured in previous months' posts.

First up is Cozy Little Cave. Tess is an artist (with a great Etsy shop) who blogs about her home, her favorite finds and her baby (due in August). I really love the bright, bold colors she decorates with. If you're a fan of every color of the rainbow, which I am, make sure to check out her attic stairs. Or her library. Aw heck, just go check out everything she's done!

Then there's How About Orange, the blog where Jessica Jones, the designer of some awesome fabrics, posts daily. She'll share tutorials of her own making or from guest posters (check out Monday's post about bookstraps), as well as internet finds like wallpapers and quizzes (you must check out this movie title one). This blog is a daily read for sure. Have a look!

Last up this month is Johanna of Hanna Mac Photography. She just shared that she and her husband are expecting their second baby, so congrats to them! As expected from the title, she's a photographer and a fantastic one at that! I love the style of her photos, not to mention the crisp, bright colors. And her little girl Mia is the cutest thing around, with a nursery to match. Definitely head her way!

P.S. Happy Birthday Dad and Morgan!!


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