Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Family Photos

Mark's mum left for home yesterday evening and Miss Charlotte wasn't too happy about it. She's going to miss her nana for sure! We rarely seem to remember to do it, but I'm glad that we managed to get this photo taken during Brenda's visit. In case you didn't remember, it's on my 30 Before Thirty list to have family photos taken. The above isn't exactly what I had in mind, but is at least a good reminder that I need to work on scheduling an actual photographer soon. Hopefully I can find someone whose work I like that isn't too outrageously expensive. Do you have any recommendations in the Maryland (or even Pennsylvania/Virginia area - I'm willing to travel) area?


Jo said...

What a great picture! Charlotte looks so grown up. My friend does photography her website is http://www.minasheereen.com/

Not sure what style you are looking for though.

Valser said...

Leslie Rhodes who used to work at NW in PIP is a photographer! http://www.leslierhodesphotography.com/
She takes some awesome pictures.

Also, i miss you, lady!

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