Monday, June 27, 2011

This Week's Menu {6/27} + Our Yard Sale

We haven't done any grocery shopping and so our plan this week is pretty pathetic. I'll probably devote some time to prepping for my plan to start doing some freezer cooking. Hopefully that goes well! Here's the boring plan for this week though:

Monday - Spaghetti with meat sauce
Tuesday - Pork Chop & Rice Skillet
Wednesday - Stuffed Chicken Breasts
Thursday - Leftovers
Friday - Ham & Egg Muffin Cups
Saturday - ???

This past Saturday we had a yard sale and got rid of tons of stuff! Below you can see just part of our setup. You're looking at a portion of the housewares and holiday departments. We also had sections for scrapbooking, books & electronics, toys, adult clothing, baby clothing and Star Wars. I won't show photos of the baby clothing (mostly cause the amount is just shameful), but you'll be able to see more of the event over at my mom's blog.

As a whole we were just as successful as last year, though Mark and I didn't do quite as well. We walked away with about $330 (compared to last year's $500). I'm not complaining though, as that money will go a long way in terms of accomplishing some of the things we need to get done around the house!

Have you had any yard sales recently? Or been to any good ones?


marie said...

Congrats on good sales for you and Mark! I'll be sharing about the yard sale tomorrow on my blog.

Enjoy your yummy meals this week...especially Tuesday & Wednesday!

Jo said...

I think Wednesday you should have pizza... Just my personal opinion though ;-).

Glad you all did so well at the yard sale, it looks like there was a good selection to choose from.

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