Tuesday, July 5, 2011


As promised, yesterday was a busy one around our house. We spent several hours in the morning trimming bushes and trees and pulling weeds. We still have a fair amount of the backyard to finish, not to mention the entire front yard, and already came up with eight trash bags full of trimmings. Ugh. I love this yard, but it will be the bane of my existence.

We spent several hours in the afternoon swimming in my parents' pool. Charlotte wore her cousin's life vest and really loved being able to move about freely. Even Mark, who can't swim, made his way to the deep end. It was great fun, but really draining. So Mark napped while Charlotte and I went shopping with Gramma and Aunt Mandy.

After shopping it was time for dinner and some Disney trip planning (a long way off, so don't expect any updates soon). It was after 10pm before we got home, so needless to say I'm beyond drained as I type this and not feeling up to putting together much of a post. So here are a couple photos that I recently uploaded, taken on Sunday, just before heading to my parents for our Independence Day (Eve) barbeque.

Charlotte is very into baby dolls lately. Well, she's into role-playing in general. I love that she can play so independently and I can get things done around the house without having to keep my eyes on her at all times. But at the same time, I'm a little sad that she's getting so big!

P.S. Is that rogue curl in the front not the cutest?!


Jo said...

She is turning into quite a little young lady. I look at her and Elijah and think it is amazing how much they have matured this year. She really is a sweetie. Glad you all had fun yesterday!

Regina said...

The look on her face in these photos... she's growing up so fast!

Also, yes. I think that rogue curl qualifies as one of the cutest things I've ever seen.

marie said...

Sweet girl! xoxo to her.

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