Monday, July 4, 2011

This Week's Menu {7/4} + Flowers

We're putting Mark's grill together today and have planned our menu accordingly. Here's the plan for the week:

Monday - Brats & corn on the cob
Tuesday - Pork chop & rice skillet
Wednesday - Cheeseburger meatloaf
Thursday - Leftovers
Friday - Grilled chicken & salad
Saturday - Tuna Casserole

We're excited to both be off work today. And while we'll spend some time having fun (swimming at Gramma and Grandpa's house and fireworks), our morning will be spent in the backyard, tending to the garden. There is a lot of overgrown greenery going on back there, most of which I haven't identified yet. It's on my to do list to map out everything, but that may take a few seasons to complete since new things keep popping up every time I go out there. Several plants I know by sight, but most will take a little research to figure out. Here are a couple I know:

Hydrangeas. We've got these beautiful purple ones plus creamy white ones that are a lot fuller and more spherical in shape. And we've got an abundance of those white shasta daisies. A while back, before I even realized what they were, I dug them out of a raised flower bed so I could plant some tomatoes. I split them into a few different spots, but they could use even more dividing. Maybe next spring.

The arrangement pictured above went to my mom's house for yesterday's barbeque. I love being able to just cut our plants rather than buying bouquets at the store. So far I've brought in peonies and lilies. But we've also got tons of stuff that isn't meant for cutting. Roses (16 different varieties from what I can tell so far), grape hyacinth, cosmos, lavender, bleeding hearts, lilac, butterfly bush, azaleas, black-eyed susans, lamb's ear, moonflowers and more. My catalog will be big, that's for sure.

So, will you be spending your Fourth of July working around the house? Or barbequeing? Or a little bit of both, like we are?


marie said...

I love my flowers....I also enjoyed playing in your yard today! It's a wonderful yard!

Jo said...

Your yard is beautiful. I didn't realize you had all those different flowers out there. That's awesome. Our 4th consisted of grocery shopping, playing in the backyard and just chillin. Very relaxing day overall.

I hope your grilling out was a success.

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