Wednesday, August 17, 2011

For the Love of Blogs: August 2011

It feels like the middle of the month came really, really quickly. So here I am, back to share a few of my favorite reads:

I mentioned ooh moon a while back, when it first got started, but had to bring it up again. It's the brainchild of graphic designer Katie Moon. On this site she shares one illustration each day, which is available for free download for just 24 hours. After that period, a new illustration goes up and the previous day's now costs a small fee. Her images are really fantastic! Fun, bright and funky. Perfect for anyone working on decorating a kids' room!! Go take a look.

Post Secret was an experiment done by Frank Warren several years ago. He handed out a few postcards and asked people to mail their secrets back to him. Since then it's morphed into a huge phenomenon that involves live events, multiple books and the weekly updates he gives on his website. Some of the secrets are strange and totally off the wall, while others are dramatic and really compelling. I've actually mentioned this site before, back when I shared a secret of mine. Head that way and see if you can relate to any of the secrets shared.

Rubyellen writes over at Cakies. Amongst other things, she shares photos of her adorable kids (can't wait to see #4 - due soon), tells tales of the start of her and her husband's romance (so sweet) and tons of great ideas. My most recent fave is of Brave's birthday party - a camp out in the backyard. I can't get over how cute that party was!! Click on over and check out all the wonderful stuff she shares about!


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