Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Michigan Trip

I mentioned before that we took a brief road trip to Michigan the weekend before last. We drove up Friday, did a little shopping and went to a wedding reception on Saturday, did a little more shopping and visited with family on Sunday, then drove home Monday. About 24 hours of driving crammed into a four day weekend. Eeek! Most of the time my camera stayed packed away (it was more important to enjoy the weekend than photograph it), but I did capture a few pics of our trip to Frontier Town, a shopping center styled to look like an old western town. It's a bit lackluster, but Charlotte really enjoyed feeding the goats. She didn't particularly love letting them eat from her hand, but was happy to put a little feed on the ground and let them eat it from there.

She also loved the ice cream shop. No surprise there!


marie said...

Great photos Katie. She sure did love the goats....and the ice cream too!

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