Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Medicine, Monsters & Marriage

It hasn't been long since I last checked in as I was late in sharing Charlotte anecdotes for last month, but I'm back to tell you some more:

* Charlotte is generally a pretty good eater, but sometimes it takes some convincing (coughcoughbribingcough) to get her to try everything on her plate. Lately all you have to do is remind her that food will help her grow, because she's very keen on "growing big like daddy". She even holds her hands near her waist and motions upward to make sure everyone around her understands that she'll be growing taller.

* Charlotte and I both had strep throat this month and had to take antibiotics as a result. Apparantly watermelon is not Charlotte's favorite flavor, and we had to fight to get her to take it. Twice a day. For 10 days. Ugh. The pain reliever was a different story altogether. She loved the blue raspberry flavor and long after she needed it she was asking for more medicine, adding in a fake cough to let you know she was serious about her request.

* When Mark gets home from work each day he gets Charlotte a mini freezer pop. No real reason why, other than that it's their thing. She also begs for ice cream, lollipops, or cookies almost every day. That girl has such a sweet tooth!

* The monster stage has officially started. Charlotte mentions monsters every night as we go to bed. For now, we just tell her that the monster mommy told the monster babies to go to bed too, so they won't be bothering her. I'm not sure what we'll do when that little trick stops working.

* Charlotte has been really clingy (to me) as of late. She wants to be carried everywhere and while I'm happy to oblige much of the time, I feel the need to force her to act her age every now and then. I tell her she's a big girl and she can walk. I get one of two responses. A whining, "I caaaaaaaan't walk." Or a whining, "I'm not a big girl. I'm a tiny, little girl."

* Since my cousin's wedding Charlotte regularly asks to go to another princess and prince (aka bride and groom) party. She wants to dance. And just the other day she said she wanted to marry Elijah (her cousin). Amongst other things, I asked what she'd wear at their wedding. She pulled out her dress up clothes and said she'd be wearing her blue dress (third photo down in this post) and Elijah would wear this. Hmmm...


marie said...

I laughed throughout this post... the "I'm a tiny, little girl" was my favorite. Aunt Mandy will definitely have soemthing to say about the wedding apparel choices!

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