Monday, August 8, 2011

This Week's Menu {8/8} + Chalkboard Wall

It occurred to me over the weekend, as I was planning this week's menu, that it's high time I showed you how I display our dinner plan in our home. Take a peek:

Sorry for the photo. It's hard to keep the white properly exposed when there's so much black. But as you can see, or at least as you can probably guess, we've got an entire wall covered in chalkboard paint. If you check out the floorplan below, it's the short wall on the left side of the kitchen, with the fridge and peninsula on it. In fact, the toaster and honey that you spy on the bottom right of the photo above are sitting on the peninsula.

I really love it! Mark was wary when I asked him to paint it, but we get decent enough light in the space and the rest of the room is very airy and bright, with the walls being a pale blue and the cabinets a creamy white. And I figured that a black wall would help our black appliances make more sense in the space. We've got a long term goal of redoing the kitchen and once we do the chalkboard wall will be gone (the new layout will be U-shaped instead of L-shaped), so we're making good use of it while we can.

Do you have any chalkboard walls in your house? They've been a trend in design for a few years now. You can check out a slew of rooms with chalkboard paint over on my design blog and check back here in a few weeks, because I've got plans to add some of it to my spare room soon.

P.S. Mark wants me to point out that we're not eating a Ram's Head on Tuesday, but rather going to Ram's Head Tavern for the final week of trivia. Wish us luck!


Joe said...

Katie, the items sitting on the counter are on the right of the photo. Not the left! :)

the rookie years said...

That's so awesome! I wish I had the courage to paint a wall with chalkboard paint!

marie said...

I love your chalkboard wall. Can't wait to see where you use chalkboard paint in the spare room!

Jo said...

I think the blackboard wall is in the perfect place. You've done a very nice job decorating it too. Good luck with your trivia contest.

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