Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Advice Needed

I've been mentioning here and there for past 6 months that we're working on potty training Charlotte. We've still not been successful. I like to make excuses that it's because she doesn't have any older potty trained kids around her to lead the way, but in reality it's just that I'm finding it hard to focus on potty training when I'm only home on the weekends.

I was trying to avoid using pullups because it just seems to me that it'd be confusing for her - in a 3 year old's mind why would it be ok to go in a pullup, but not in a diaper - but I think we're going to go that route anyway. Our family room is carpeted, so it's not easy to just let her run around in underwear and hope for the best. I might do this if it were me at home with her, but I feel badly leaving Chrissy (my friend and Charlotte's nanny) in charge of dealing with the mess involved and figure that leaves pullups as the only option.

We did give underwear only a go for portions of this past weekend (we switched back to diapers while we were out shopping), and Charlotte did have some success on the potty. But we're nowhere near done and I could use all the tips and tricks I can get from experienced mommas (and dads, grandmas, daycare providers, etc) as we move forward, so feel free to let loose in the comments. And so we all know what the payoff is for a potty-trained Chuckles, check out photos from last weekend's efforts below. Adorable, right?!


Jo said...

I'm finding it hard to potty train Elijah too. We have had success a few times, but he refuses to let me know that he has to go to the potty.

What might work for Charlotte is these pullups that have a cold sensation when you pee in them, if she is uncomfortable with that sort of thing. I also tried putting the underwear under the diaper, which would probably be unpleasant also. I wish you luck... I figure neither one of the kids will be in diapers when they are like 6... she will get it when she is ready... it just takes some kids more time than others.

Ann said...

It's been a 1/4 of a century since I potty trained my daughter but let me tell you she was a rough one. She was just always so busy she didn't want to stop to take time out to use the bathroom. Her brother was so much easier. I think every kid is different and some just need more time than others do.
Best of luck to you

Helena said...

I have no advice. My daughter had an iron will and a bladder of steel. Good luck!

webbygrrl said...

I started training my daughter before she turned two. I would just put her on the potty after meals until she peed. I'd even give her a stack of books on a little chair next to her. And then when she peed, she would get to choose different coloured sparkly star stickers from the dollar store to put on her progress sheet taped to the bathroom wall. This became a real treat for her. And I didn't make a fancy organized progress sheet. I just drew a little pic of her sitting on a potty reading a book and she stuck the stars all around and over the sketch. It's actually a cute keepsake now.

It wasn't too long after this all started that I switched her to underwear. Diapers are just too good these days, that they don't feel the wetness to trigger them to hold it. For awhile, my daughter would pee a little in her underwear, but still make it to the potty for most of it. So at least this was registering in her brain and she could control her bladder enough to turn it off.

She still continued to wear a diaper or pull-up to bed because she was in a crib. Just before I got her a big girl bed this summer, I found out that she had been sleeping without diapers during her short naps at daycare, so that was a good sign for control while sleeping.

She still has 1-2 small accidents each week overnight because she's such a deep sleeper. I go in around midnight and sit her on the potty and she automatically pees. And then she usually goes herself when she wakes up in the morning. This is where the accident usually happens if she doesn't wake up in time. And my the way, I don't like her wandering around the house by herself, so I set up a potty in her room with a blanket under it (just in case).

I save SO much money not having to buy diapers! She's turning three next month and my challenge now is working up to getting rid of the soother (which she only uses for nighttime sleeping). I've been leading up to this event for a couple of months...reading books about the soother fairy, talking about it ruining her teeth, and so on. Less than a month to go and we're going cold turkey. Just like ripping off a bandaid. Might be painful for a couple of days, but worth it in the end. :)

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