Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Luke, Irene and a Hero

* Hopefully this little Charlotte-ism will be gone soon given yesterday's post, but it's something I wanted to remember --- Charlotte really doesn't like her diaper to touch her belly button. She's got an in-betweenie (I don't think it's really an innie, but it's definitely not an outie) and it's obviously sensitive. But only to her diaper. Pants and shirts don't bother it at all.

* Mark really enjoys that Charlotte has a love for Star Wars. We recently got a few Star Wars figures for her and Oliver to play with and Aunt Mandy taught Charlotte how to do the "Luke, I am your father", "Noooooo!" bit of dialogue. She does it with real gusto!

* Bedtime is getting more and more interesting around here, what with all the toys that Charlotte insists must come to bed her. The other day she needed her baby pony, a doll cradle, a blanket for the pony, a bottle for the pony and a banana for the pony. I put my foot down at the banana.

* While we were without power after Hurricane Irene we slept with our windows open. I never realized our yard was quite so busy, with bugs and frogs making all sorts of noises. I tried to tell Charlotte that the chirping she heard was the bugs snoring, but she wasn't having it. She explained that bugs don't chirp, birds do.

* While I was making dinner on Monday Charlotte proclaimed that she wanted to be a saver. Mark and I didn't really know what she meant, so we had to dig a little deeper --- Do you want to be a doctor? A firefighter? She said no. She wants to be a hero. More power to her.

* Charlotte is finally starting to cooperate when I try to take photos of her. The other day she ran from spot to spot saying tada and posing for a split second. I don't like that I chopped her arm off in this one, but her smile is so darn cute:


marie said...

I think saving Charlotte-isms is such a wonderful idea! When she becomes a saver she will love hearing all about them!

sara said...

i was just thinking yesterday that i need to start writing down Pie's little quirks to make sure I remember.

MosaicMagpie said...

I can see why Marie wanted us to visit you! What a cutie pie and I love that hair!

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